Deep Root Feed your trees and shrubs!

We inject Doggett brand slow release, low salt fertilizer under pressure around your trees and shrubs. This technique fractures the soil and injects the fertilizer where 90% of tree feeder roots are.. in the top 2 ft. of soil with most in the first 8 inches.

This unique ureaform fertilizer releases it’s available nitrogen over the entire growing season. Any not released during the first season will carry over to the following year. Nitro-form® is non-leaching. Bacteria converts the more soluble fraction of the nitrogen so that 1/3 is released in the first 3 to 5 weeks, the balance over 6 to 12 months.

Low Salt Index: The lower salt index per unit of plant nutrient in each ingredient of a fertilizer, the less risk of crop injury in periods of drought or with localized placement of concentrated fertilizer. XL INJECTO FEED has a low salt index of 30. The ANSI standard minimum is 50.

Our Doggett brand fertilizer is only applied 1 time per season since it is slow release.  Other’s may use a cheap quick release product that only feeds for a few weeks.  Trust us to use a Quality product in your landscape!